How is MyPetBuddy different?

So how is MyPetBuddy different compared to other options we have for caring for our pets when we’re busy or away? What else does it have to offer that should make pet owners and lovers excited to join our community?

Well, we’re glad you asked! MyPetBuddy is a very purrsonal and interactive portal that offers a brand new way for people to connect with other pet lovers and pets both online and in person. It provides a chance for you to socialize, share advice, form friendships, give extra love to four legged buddies, or find care options for your fur babies when you need to. The relationships formed and the care offered on MyPetBuddy are for the love of animals and the desire to bring people and pets together for more than a one and done playdate. We designed MPB to be a portal that allows pets, pet owners, and pet lovers to find buddies that can fill whatever pet-related needs they have.

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Benefits of Joining MyPetBuddy

caregivers, playdates, cuddles, and meowr!

MyPetBuddy community is meant to benefit both its two-legged and four-legged buddies by offering ways to further enhance the experience of having or spending time with pets. Consider these situations where a MyPetBuddy membership would be a perfect fit - do they apply to you? If so, then MPB is where you need to be.

Meet the Paws Behind the Idea!

Our love of furry friends plays a huge role in our lives with this in mind MyPetBuddy is born.

Pet 1

Pepper, is a big softy at heart. She loves to stare at what’s going on outside and occasionally just at the walls (it’s quite comical really)!

Pet 1

Max, who thinks he’s the alpha of the pack and loves being the center of attention. He’s crazy for cuddles and loves spending time snuggled up with us.

Pet 1

Nala, a silly mixed desert beauty who thinks she is a cat at times, she is a pawsome mix to the family.

Pet 1

Mila, is known to climb up the curtains as she finds ways to use up her boundless energy and loves to eat everyone else meals.